Laugh so hard that snot comes out of your nose - usually at the misfortune of others
When she fell over, I just had to snorkle
by Snorkler October 05, 2006
to orally pleasure a female, while breathing heavily, creating snorkling like bubbling sounds.
"hey dude you see that chick?"
"sarah from accounting?"
"she totally got snorkled last night. by ME!"
"you snorkled her?!"
"damn right i did"
"yeah i got snorkled last night."
"oh my god, seriously?"
"yeah, by dave"
"in middle management? oh he good?"
by Johnny Gilliam May 22, 2007
Making out with your favorite girl while she is zipped up inside of your winter coat with you.
Hey Kalela, you want to go snorkle on lunch break?
by Kileki December 11, 2005
To blow such a big load on your partner's face that she needs a snorkle to breathe.

Or alternatively, to eat a girl out so intensely you need a snorkle so you don't have to come up for air.
I snorkled two hos last night
by captainsnorks November 12, 2009
a light-hearted chuckle that finishes with an unexpected yet delightful little snort.
He saw the picture for 'kankles' and snorkled a little "heh heh heh -- snort."
by Mykey3000 May 14, 2007
when you have sex with a girl and shove her head in the toilet and flush it
i snorkled that ho
by rob that dude on the phone August 14, 2008
to tap, hit, bang, fuck, in other words have sex with
damn, i'd snorkle that.
by kristina hankypanky March 01, 2006

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