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to perform oral sex while upright like when standing. Originates in the US navy, when a lower bunkmate would perform oral sex on the upper bunkmate while the upper bunkmate would sit or lie on the upper bunk. This is an infrequently used definition of the term and, when used, is often reserved for oral sex performed on a male.
Former US Representative Eric Massa has been accused of undoing the pants of and attempting to snorkle his sleeping bunkmate while proudly serving in the US Navy.
by Piddlesworth March 10, 2010
when a man gets head by putting the balls over the woman's eyes and his cock in her mouth
he gave her a snorkle
by aMichaelm August 16, 2007
When you are sporting a hard on and you tuck it into you belt.
I totally had to snorkle while I was at the strip bar.
by Hektor18 January 02, 2011
Replaces snort and chuckles, In the place of a sarcastic Lol
Omg James has a new girlfriend Snorkles
by Kadiy August 30, 2006
A winter coat with fur around the hood, somewhat like an eskimo coat but more trendy, commonly worn by more of an urban crowd, but also common for girls to wear it.
"Damn its brick i wish i had my snorkle on"
by notpurpleshrimp February 26, 2007
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