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when the testicles are used to cover the snorklees eyes, similar to googles and the penis is inserted into the mouth resembling a snorkling breathing apparatus.
Charballs- "dude why do you have two black eyes,your lips are bleeding at the corners, and your face smells like ball cheese?"
Nate- "i got the snorkle by a trans-sexual afro-american prostitute, i'd rather not talk about it."
Charballs- "You would figure by the time the penis was inserted into your mouth you would have realized she was a man . . . "
Nate- "ya about that"
by Skoorbnut March 11, 2008
One who becomes so addicted to skittles it rules thier life. They have even had sexual encounter involving skittles.
Malcolm: Nate put the bag down
Nate: NEVER i can stop when i want!
Malcom: Give me that bag . . . why is this all stick!?!?!?!?
Charballs: Nate your a skittlephiliac its time for an intervention
by Skoorbnut March 10, 2008
The act of boinking (sexual intercourse) with an ugly Female whose breast resemble the grid like structure of a waffle,In turn preventing ejaculation (skeet)

So you piss on the bitch. . .
Malcolm- Yo i fucked this bitch last night. She had waffle titties
Charles- So did you boink her?
Malcolm- Hell ya, gave that bitch the wet waffle!
by Skoorbnut March 12, 2008
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