A person who is a good friend to have but is also a criminal who does anything for money.
A person who does freelance for money but who is also a cool person.
A person who is cool on one note and on another can become a worse enemy.
Don't Trust Snook he would do anything for money!
Snook cool but i know he be on one sometimes.
by chamberlin August 11, 2013
Top Definition
the act of sucker-punching someone
As she turns to kiss him, Rodney snooks his gf in the head.

gf: I was going to give you a rj snooks!
rodney: snooks take that!
by T.R.J. May 14, 2006
To punch someone really hard
Branching from the hit MTV reality show "Jersey Shore" when one of their stars, Snookie, got knocked in the face by a drunken stranger.
"He's really starting to piss me off, I'm about Snook his ass"

"Dont get in my face or I'll Snook you"
by Morrysn December 30, 2009
1. n. a fool or jackass. commonly used slang in the UK.
2. v. (to snook) to victimize (UK)
3. v. (to be snooked) to be victimized (UK)
Rodney: so that's the conclusion of my presentation.
Jim: That sucked. you're snooks (1)!
Rodney: it's really funny... when I was learning this material, that's what everyone said too...
Jim: You're a jackass.
Rodney: Thanks for your comments!

Fred: Hey Rodney, how did your presentation go.
Rodney: I got pretty snooked (3) by people the crowd.
Fred: Maybe you should cut off your ponytail. It makes you look like a jackass.
by ^twenty minutes^ June 05, 2005
something that is very good can be called the snooks
That film is the snooks.

Did you see her legs? They were the snooks.
by Kenny Bania May 25, 2009
1. n. a jackass or foolish person.
2. v. to snook. to victimize or make a fool of someone.
3. v. to be snooked. to be victimized or made fool of.
Rodney: So that concludes my presentation... any questions?
Jim: That sucked. You're snooks.
Rodney: That's funny that you say that... when I was learning this stuff they said that too.
Jim: You're a jackass.
Rodney: Thanks for your comment!
by R. J. June 04, 2005
To induce death by boredom
Bro 1 : Do you want to talk about aerodynamics later?

Bro 2 : Man that is so snook
by Snookie the wookie May 17, 2015
Well my mate D says it's actually a fish.
That's a Snook. Well caught.
by Mr J-Lo June 03, 2005
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