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A person who is inexplicably highly strung, prone to worry and truly, truly believing that the next time he turns his back the world will end.
Prime Specimen: Mr Richard Snook
by A 'G' August 04, 2010
A type of snuggling. When you snuggle so much you begin to snook. Z x
"Come over here for a snook"
"OK :)"
by Zim02 May 21, 2010
the name given to people which are suspected of being gay. early signs of a snook often involve shaved legs, the wearing of socks in bed and a growing vegan diet.

friendships in the world is hard for snook as they are always fighting an uphill struggle for acceptance.
snook's often are embarrassed by their condition so will never come out to friends or family as a snook, but instead have secret boyfriends which they have regular sex with.
"That guy is definitely a Snook. He's just got out of bed with socks on to grab a tofu sausage."

"I wish that Snook would fuck off. He keeps staring at my friend Mark."
by pedrosanchez23 May 17, 2010
the "jersey shore" version of the word "snuck". "snuck" meaning sneaking up and punching someone in the face when they don't expect it. "snook" is when a guy sneaks a girl for being a dumb bitch.
yoooo that chick just got snook HARD by that dude!

this bitch has been chirpin in my ear all night man, i wanna snook the shit out of her.
by xjerseyxfreshx February 17, 2010
One who ditches friends to do something much lamer.
Jake: Guy where's Larry going.

Jonas: He's leaving to watch a movie with Bryson.

Jake: Man what a snook
by snookhater5 July 26, 2008
n. (1) Criminal, (2) bitch, or (3) an exclamation made to annoy someone.

v. (1) To steal from, or (2,3) any sexual verb.
1. I'm glad that snook went to jail.
2. That fucking snook took my lunch!
3. (The teacher starts to teach) and the kids (yell "snook!" at random times to annoy her).

1. I heard Johnny snooked {from} the library.
2. Yeeeahhh i got snooked last night...
3. So, do you wanna snook sometime after school?
by Bethalina April 04, 2008
Bitchy, Arrogant individual Bitch
Sheri is a Snooky ass
by Tdad May 14, 2010