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THe response to a compliment; to express the appreciation of
Ricky:"Katie, you're the greatest."
Katie:"Awww, you're so sweet."
by Ricky December 16, 2002
493 181
Used to express a sentimental reaction to warm fuzzy experiences. (The number of W's at the end is arbitrary, but at least two or three normally occur in this word.)
Awww...that kid hugging the teddy bear looks SO cute!
Awww, I love it when we snuggle...
by Ingeborg S. Nordén May 03, 2006
366 143
Something used when someone pays you a compliment, or if you're told something cute/sweet.
Bob: You look beautiful tonight

Betsy: Awww, thanks Bob!
by Helen-704 June 08, 2006
219 139
An expression of dissapointment.
George: Did you purchase our tickets for this years annual Belgian Jazz Festival?

Liz: No, they were sold out.

George: Awww, and i really wanted to go too!
by Ninty December 11, 2004
178 127
A common exclamation used to express:
2.) Lethargy
3.) Dismay
4.) Pity

Mostly used by women, but not always.
Adoration: "Awww....they look so cute together."
Lethargy: "Awww.....just five more minutes." *rubs eyes*
Dismay: "!!! Why me??? :/"
Pity: " poor little baby."
by TheBabeofBengal July 14, 2011
77 59
The words that mean you just entered the friend zone.
Guy 1: I really like you more than a friend, and think your super cute

Girl 1: Awww your so sweet but i just see you as a friend.

Guy 1: Kills himself later that day.
by 1000Bluntzz January 26, 2014
5 0
To feel sorry for someone
Awww you lost your new phone
by Squintoo August 20, 2009
68 65