A person who is a good friend to have but is also a criminal who does anything for money.
A person who does freelance for money but who is also a cool person.
A person who is cool on one note and on another can become a worse enemy.
Don't Trust Snook he would do anything for money!
Snook cool but i know he be on one sometimes.
by chamberlin August 11, 2013
Well my mate D says it's actually a fish.
That's a Snook. Well caught.
by Mr J-Lo June 03, 2005
From the Latin "Cabesnooks" meaning giving head. El Tacs 2009
My girl was on her cookie so she decided to give me snooks instead....
by G$, Bus and Mo February 27, 2009
Dual meaning: (depending on inflection)

Good: Bro
Bad: Lame, soft

bro 1: What's up snook....what's good for today?
bro 2: Ohh just the usual...smoking hookah...banging bitches.


bro 1: Hey man lets go out tonight
bro 2: No man I got a big test tomorrow
bro 1: Dude stop being a snook.
by Josue' roque June 20, 2011
A dummy or otherwise stupid person, or a person exhibiting such characteristics.
James: Who's that guy in the corner?
Jeff: He's a real snooks
by F.R.J. May 19, 2006
1.Affectionate way of saying goodbye like saying smooches, or love ya, or peace.

2. Derrogatory term for dumb people
1. Em: Bye liz I'll se you later
Liz: Snooks
Em: Snooks

2. Hey look at those dumbass snooks over there.
by Necey January 18, 2005
v. to snook. to victimize (slang UK)

verb = snooks

note: the noun form of snooks refers to an idiot or fool. Also not to be confused with snookered
bob: I set up my gf real good?
cindy: how?
bob: I snooked her with a polygraph test when she least expected it.
cindy: you're a snooks
by who'sfat? April 15, 2006

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