Bitchy, Arrogant individual Bitch
Sheri is a Snooky ass
by Tdad May 14, 2010
Pimp , Loyal , my last name is snook and its the best name ever! got it on the back of my neck.
Shit I wish I was a Snook.
by texasmade#1b February 03, 2010
To Fart Virgously, all the time.
Wow kid, don't Snook in my area.
by Milford Mike February 07, 2008
The period of time after you wake up that you just lay in bed before actually getting up
"Hey bro, sorry did I wake you up?"

"Nah man, ive been snooking since like 10:30am"

"Aight true, then get your ass up and lets go"
by rocktapuss October 24, 2007
1.) A bowling term used as an adjective or verb when the bowler gets ripped off on a shot that should have been a strike.

2.) The expletive used when such an event occurs.

3.) A word used during bowling to induce a humerous effect, normally hinting at a false action of something vulgar or sexually explicit.
1.) <Ball hits great but leaves 1 pin>
Boy 1: Come on! That was a great shot!
Boy 2: You really got snooked on that one.

2.) Son of a snook! That snookin' pin should have fell over!

3.) Hey, last night I totally snooked my dog for two and a half hours.
by The Dark Phoenix November 19, 2005
To hit a woman while one or both parties are under the influence of alcohol. Perpetrators and victims are known as "Guidos" and "Guidettes". The Origins of the word come from the 2010 series "Jersey Shore" where Snookie gets smashed in the face by a Hulking drunk mouth breathing elementary school gym teacher.
"You better shut the hell up or I am going to Snook you!"

"Debbie got Snooked! She was screaming in that guys face and he just fucking Snooked her!"
by TheHerzog January 08, 2010
A fish commonly caught by residents and tourists of Brannonville, Florida.
"Rise and shine Brevent its time to enjoy our day at sea. I'm looking to haul in atleast 100lbs of pure bred snook."
by Brevent November 05, 2008

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