A name for the shortest most hobbit-like person in a group of friends, typically someone who tries to deny or takes offense to comments about their small stature. This should be used in place of the person's real name.
Hey Snookie do you need a booster seat for that barstool or should i just put you on my shoulders?

Dammit Snookie! Maybe we could get more girls if you weren't always creepin around like Bilbo Baggins.
by Donny who loved Bowling January 26, 2010
Top Definition
4'9" umpalumpa on Jersey Shore best known for being punched in the face.
Snookie is so short she often requires a boost to get her heels on.
by Rick Stone December 14, 2009
Snookie \Snuh key/, noun- A white trash dwarf that has gotten skin cancer through over use of tanning beds, has replaced her nails with actual glass and speaks in broken in English and is a festering cesspool of STDS. Also a Snookie cannot go a day without getting knocked out. You may encounter a wild snookie in dumbfuckistan(new jersey) during the summer time
"The children were frightened as a Snookie approached them asking for beer money"
by 18th century aristocrat January 19, 2010
-a short, fat (more ugly-than-not) girl with an attitude, who believes that she is very hot-looking
My niece Tiffany is such a snookie. She thinks she looks like Angelina Jolie but she's actually a dead-ringer for a fat Rosie Perez.
by dex87111 January 19, 2010
a genital wart; a venereal wart
He tried convincing himself that the lumps on his penis were the result of chronic masturbation, but it was no use--he knew deep inside that they were in fact snookies, contracted from the vile prostitute he'd had sex with two months before.
by pollyanna downe January 22, 2011
Main Entry: Snoo· kie
Pronunciation: \sə-noo-key-\
Function: noun, adjective
Date: 2009

: relating to or being a dirty vagina : maintaining a superficial outlook esp. concerning promiscuity: extraordinary nasty and probably bad smelling up close

— snoo·kie·ish adverb

— snoo·kie·d transitive verb
"Damn Regg! That snookie made my house stink!"

"Is that a snookie I smell, or did someone microwave a cat?"

"James got snookied by a prostitute at his bachelor party."
by KB5K February 03, 2010
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