to exact revenge upon a man by giving him one’s own sexually-transmitted disease
“The only thing I can think of to explain why she wants to have sex with you is to snookie you,” his best friend speculated, “for she’s still mad-as-hell that you dumped her two years ago, and it’s common knowledge that she’s now teeming with STDs.”
by pollyanna downe January 22, 2011
A rat-like creature that only hungers for having sex and drinking beer. Speaks in broken english and repeatedly uses the word smush for sex. Last seen on the Jersey Shore
snookie: snookie want smush smush!
guy 1: what is that?!
snookie: snookie want smush smush!
guy 1: it's raping me, it's raping me!
by truthseer June 06, 2011
a bitch getting her shit rocked
bitch u better leave me alone fo' i snookie yo junk
by wordupguru December 26, 2009
An anal sex move involving a pale white dwarf that speaks in broken english and has melanoma from over tanning. Pickle penetration is the most common form.
Brother, I just snookied your sister. she took a whole jar of pickles in her ass.
by Pickle Pumper February 21, 2011
A crazy drunk bitch that is also known as a guidette that is deseperate and will do anything to get a penis on her vigina.
Girl: I am fucking drunk and horny right now. I want to have sex with you.
Guy: hell no!
Girl: Why?
Guy: Because you are such a snookie
by Fucking hate the Jersey Shore November 21, 2010
An ugly creature with orange skin, walks around humping people and screaming "SNOOKIE! SNOOKIE!" it is fat and wears to much jewelry, and too-small tops. ~Courtesy of South Park
by fhnfdbjnsd December 26, 2013
one who is short and on the stouter side, and wears hair with a big pouf in front of 'do.
hey snookie, wats up?

dont call me that!
by laxer21 March 29, 2010

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