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the sound made by giving a kiss.
i'll talk to you later Muah!(giving a kiss) love ya lots
by miriam February 21, 2003
The Sound made when giving a kiss also spelled as MuWah
Kisses for hello or goodbye.
"Talk to you soon, luv ya! Muah MuWah
by Sweetkisses November 08, 2006
1. the sound you think when you are giving kudos or kisses to someone- when you are pleased with them
2. the sound you think when you are shouting evil curses at someone- or just being an evil little genius
3. anything you want it to be, because that is what "muah" is- it can be said (though i only write it- it is not as cool when said) in many different ways and describes many different moods
1. Muah! Kisses and hugs everyone!
2. You are so bloody pathetic. muah. :censored:
3. however you feel like bloody using it.... make it your word- personalize it :hehe: muah everyone!
Make Up and Hair
Used by photographes and makeup artists oftenly.
Photogrpaher: John Doe, MUAH: CJ Parker Junior III
by iMiKE July 10, 2012
It is a friendly online word to give a virtual HELLO or GOOD BYE KISS.

ok i got to go now i'll see you later MUAHS! <3
by MARIE BISTA May 25, 2010
A word only used to describe the feelings of someone when doing something extremely hardcore

can be used in a excited, "MUAAAH!" or a sad quiet "muah"

It is said to be the only word used by the Daevs.
Corey - muah?
Daev - MUAH!
by Daev Daev October 31, 2010
1. The precieved sound of a kiss being bestowed upon a loved one.

2. An evil, scarry movie-like, menacing laugh.

3. A common base of an affectionate acronym.
1. See ya later baby! Muah!!

2. The vilan gained control of the world and proclaimed: " I've done it you morons! MUUAHHHH!!"

3a. Me U And Happiness!
3b. Massage Under A Helecopter?
3c. Many Unexpected Awards Honey!
by muahlamb4 July 29, 2009
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