The random gum wrappers found randomly in ones pockets.
(While emptying pockets) "Dude! Look at all these snookies!"
by Baby Jesus! March 20, 2009
What my father used to call the cheerleaders on TV during professional football games.
Father: Hey son, check out them snookies.
by brdshootr March 09, 2009
My cute adorable dog and name of my TI-83 Plus calculator. dumb, really....
Good boy, snookie! Good doggie!
by IsolatedCatholicSchoolgirls April 29, 2004
Knit hat commonly worn during the winter and other colder months of the year to keep one's head warm.
Put on a snookie, it's cold outside.
by Brennan Centi November 07, 2007
snookie--to be comfortable, when relating to pajamas or pillows or things of that sort
ex/ you look very snookie in those pajamas
ex/ i'm gonna go get snookie in the covers
by seanny g May 10, 2005
The Goddess of MTVs Jersey Shore. Queen of the guidettes. She is a short party animal that loves to drink and being the center of attencion. Wherever Snookie is, there is a party. She is known for getting punched in the face by a bag of douche at a bar.
When I see snookie on jersey shore I want to give her a big hug.
by Mbrands January 10, 2010

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