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A Beast, A Big Deal, Everything that is great embodied in one being.

Someone "Better" than everyone else.

An Arrogant Asshole.

Not only a person, but a State of Mind.
Wow, that dude is Perez, the man, the myth, the legend.
by John Snow September 11, 2007
Intimidating yet short, this will be the most sarcastic being you will ever meet. With brunnett hair and too much blush, you'll find a mildly dark sense of humor under her so kind looking face. Warning, irritated easily.
Person 1: Watch out, it's Perez!
Person 2: Short and sarcastic all in one
by Lildrakke April 04, 2015
Gaming star, black man that is super cool and browses D of 4chan
Aye you seen that Perez recently he owes me $10
by Manly Essence March 15, 2011
A pedophile who is sad of life and talks about his life to others that don't care on occasions he tries to kill himself
Example 1; OH shit that guy is trying to commit a Perez

Example 2; That guy is such a Perez
by Loves your moms vag January 17, 2011
A) To become intoxicated and attempt to urinate on people you know.

Not to be confused with someone who becomes intoxicated and then tries to urinate on a person they do not know (this is adequately defined as an asshole).

B) Person(s) whom incessantly avoid bathing.
"Dude, you pulled a perez last night, not cool - those were new pants."

"Wow, you smell like a perez."
by Tucker T September 14, 2007
A person who relys on a martial arts, such as 'hopkeido?' to think they are cool, when really they ignore all insinuation and payouts by the public because every1 actually fkn hates the perez. A perez may also enjoy sticking lightbulbs up his/her but hole, to give his ass a good idea...
John: yea so how was ur weekend?
Chris: Pretty good urs...
*perez walks in*
Perez: im better then all of u, watch me do a plus 1 agility kick... adrenamilinin.

John: ...faggot
by drey23 November 06, 2007
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