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a sexual position in which the man mounts the woman in adoggy style position. Then suddenly pull her arms out from under her and drags her face across the carpet.
I was bangin this broad doggy style when she said some other guys name so I switched from a doggy to a vacuum cleaner.
by troy garner September 02, 2005
A female expert in fellatio who possesses a mouth stronger than both a vacuum cleaner and an octopus' suckers put together.
Time for some spring cleaning', I said, as I lay back and turned on the vacuum cleaner
by Kip Stevens December 17, 2003
aren't you tired of your girl squirting all over your bedroom well you should use a vacuum cleaner! When she says "I'm cumming, I'm Cumming" you grap your handy vacuum cleaner and place it onto the vaginal region, she then proceeds to squirt into the safety of your vacuum cleaner!!! No pain and no stain!
Pedro's gf would not stop squirting all over his casa, he bought the handy Mandy vacuum cleaner and no pain no stain!!!
by Juicybigsausage June 14, 2016
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