driving fast. insanely fast. TOO FAST TO HANDLE
"we were smashin' in the jetta"
by beth December 22, 2004
The act of replying to any question in a quick neck turn and wierd face. Related to Nigel thornberrys favorite response.

How was your day today?

*quickly turns around with ugly face* SMASHING.
by HerpDerpBox July 26, 2014
When you guy going hella fast or be out on those chargers(police). Mostly used in the bay area.
That one white 5.0 in East Palo Alto was smashing on the pigs yesterday.
by heeey May 13, 2008
The action of chatting over plenty of fish. It is called this due to the agressive smashing of cords when connecting to the other person.
Hey bud, what's up?" "Not much, just smashing with this chick
by Fal1acy March 22, 2011
The act of downloading music from any website.
I ripped that CD onto my laptop today.

Yeah, well I've been smashing the whole thing from iTunes.
by CealofDeath July 18, 2010
a word that austin powers uses in place of great.
Austin: That booty is simply smashing Foxxy
Foxxy: oh yes austin, i know
by MegghanBeCool September 01, 2007

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