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the ridiculous walk that niggers use. If all people were uniform color, you could still identify a nigger by his sloppy walk. He'll have one hand on his usually massive cack, swing the other arm more than it needs to be swung, and catch his fat nigger lips on trip wires, pigeons, hot dog carts, bannana peels, and other random objects.
Hey, Simon, watch out. That nigger is approaching with a sloppy nigger walk. Don't let him touch you and give you AIDs.
by Party February 12, 2005
This breed of superhuman, sorry, i mean 'super-stupid-human' can be distinguishable by several features, including their inability to pronounce parts of each word, and their shirts that look like theyve all been scribbled on by some kid called 'Nickelson'. They come into your towns like a plague and seem to multiply...i cant think of anyone who would want to actually mate with them though, so have come to the conclusion that the fucktards see fuck-tard are breeding with themselves. Some, in fact, all breeding has turned out unexpectedly, leading to mutations and deformations of the face, personality, and the giant hoops that protrude from their ears. The gold that they wear yes...were all really convnced that you can afford gold jewellery yet are forced to shoplift toilet tissue from ASDA... is truly impressive...they are obviously kings among men...or chimps rather. But what i admire most is how versatile they are. They can adapt easily to the cold, tucking their trousers into their socks, further proving that people can be so dumb that they lose the ability to dress in the correct order...but overall chavs are great people - if ever an Aeroport Radar Tower fails, never fear! as long as theres a chav handy, the once Nauseaous angle at which their caps were placed can double up as a heavy duty radar tower or microwave transmitter - the vast amount of radiation from the microwave signals must explain their strikingly obvious lack of common sense and social image
The bext thing about a chav though is just how looking at one can make me laugh - having gone into my local cornerr shop and encountering about enoguh chavs to fill a bus i was on the floor...i cant but help my urge to laugh at these poor..meek little creatures in the struggle of speaking english.
Well, ive truly outdone myself as far as rambling goes, but for a breed this inferior and ...well..dumb, a surprising amount can be said.
'Awww mate! aiv pissd maself!! heh heh, look at dat! is all up your leg too! proper BO!'

'hah hah i stol dis hat from dat grandad over dere - how 'ard am i??'
next day - all chavs in sight show off their new fashionable flat caps, and tht means theres now a load of poor OAPs with nothing but bare, shiny heads.

oh god, its another hundred chavs..
by Party December 17, 2003
to get piss drunk, often involving stumbling and incoherent speech
the other night we all got smashed at Tiffany's birthday party!
by PARTY October 20, 2002
Drunk form of Serge
<@Sergg> omfguy pennis
by Party January 07, 2004

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