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1. The action/process of fucking someone good.
1a. Hittin' it
1b. Tappin that ass.
1. Damn, Keri looks good as shit!..I just wanna smash her!
by Tai June 30, 2003
To come out rightly. To speak or approach someone with respect, and not with undeniable ignorance. To do something the right way the first time to avoid being bitched by another.
1. That bitch better come correct next time if she wanna hang out with me!

2. I would advise you to come correct before you start throwing out facts that are really false.
by Tai June 30, 2003
To be completely and honestly serious.
A reply used by people who have been questioned on the truth of their comment.
To be truthful and not lie.
A truncation of the phrase "dead ass serious".
Guy 1: Yo, swear I saw George (W.) Bush jump that fence for a corndog...

Guy 2: What? nah uh, you're lying..

Guy 1: No, for real! I'm dead ass.
by Tai June 30, 2003
elite, perfect, cool guy in planet
he's name is tai
by tai July 16, 2003
leetest and lovable guy
he is so tai.
by tai July 16, 2003
A unique practice where unimformed, misinformed, or ill-informed, foreigners that know nothing of the history of Pamplona and/or the practice of the running of the bulls, dimisses it to be simply a pastime where drunken farm boys, drunk off of whiskey and barly beer, make their way running through town as they are being chased down by a pack of angry, yet amused bulls.

These boys often scream in terror, shouting phrases like "Owch! my stomach lining!" or "My blood hurts!" Or something of the sort while, routinely, but traditionally, being gorged, or even gutted by the horns of a bull.
The running of the bulls festivals is held in Pamplona, Spain, every year, for nine days in July.
by Tai July 09, 2003
The ambiguous entity, that no one in the world has heard of, yet this entity supplies the world with the wonderful, sometimes pain inducing, invention only known as, zippers.

2. What's engraved on your jeans zipper right know.
Guy 1: Hmm...I never noticed this, but my zipper says YKK on it..

Guy 2: ...And? Who gives a fuck....and who the fuck is YKK?
by Tai June 30, 2003

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