What women laughably claim to be looking for in a man, when really all they're looking for is muscles and $$$$$
"Yeah, I want a man with smarts."
Yeah, my asshole
by Adrian January 20, 2006
Described as intelligentor brilliant.but in the minds of others.
Guy: Hey baby are you smart?
Girl: Sure am!
Guy: So you've been Sexually Molested And Raped Twice?
by The Penetratorr November 08, 2010
all brain no balls
Some people are so smart that they have all brain no balls
by urbanmadman April 15, 2009
Having intelect; Not stupid;
I do well in skool, i am smart
by den March 26, 2003
An acronym for Sex, masturbation, anal, rectal, tits. It's a machine used for self-pleasure. Mass production of the S.M.A.R.T. began in the early 2000s, and still continues today.
Hey, look at that guy using his new S.M.A.R.T. !
by David Lenins August 30, 2007
Most presidents. Hey ya gotta be smart to be able to become the top dog in a democratic country like this.
Bush (I'm serious), Clinton (still serious) Kennedy, Lincoln, Carter (err... not completely sure about that one), Washington, Adams, Et cetera...

(and for the not smart people, that is the correct spelling)
by Slightly Bigoted Publisher July 10, 2008
when people are getting straight A's in school, and understand everything that is being taught.
Anthony and Joseph are smart and Mrs. Ivie knows it.
by Anthony Estes March 26, 2008

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