To describe something that is happening or has alread happened that is good or worth while doing.
"Subway and medium drink for £3.99"

"I got a new pair of webs today"
SMART tha lad!
by Jay_EFC December 07, 2008
Man that guy is the .S.M.A.R.T.
by no one actually May 12, 2008
There's a time to lie and a time to tell the truth. If you are wise enough you'll always be able to determine which action to take.
if you are smart you would have never got into that relationship...
by bootymaasdasds October 10, 2011
super manly and ridiculously tricked-out

acronym used when describing guys that make nerds feel bad about their intelligence.
Steve and Tyler are so s.m.a.r.t. they have bright futures and hot girls.
by THEEMisterC June 14, 2011
When someone is smart they are itelligent
She was very smart
by Beautiful babe23 March 18, 2015
That exchange student from China must be SMART...
by enabobeana21 July 02, 2014
Someone who is intelligent
*Your name* is not smart for looking up the definition of "smart."
by Einsteins dog December 06, 2010

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