Something me and you are probably not.

Something that most people think they are, and guess what, their not. And i can say that cause im 16.
Here is my favorite example of a smart person:

- "George Bush is in idiot! And I can make that claim because I know how the economy works, how politics works and what he and his group of intelligent advisors are doing! I mean, HE IS ONLY THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA, HOW COULD HE NOT BE A COMPLETE MORON AND NOT HAVE EVEN THE SLIGHTEST CLUE OF WHAT HE'S DOING!?!??!?!?" - the average 16 year old

by Kosty September 26, 2006
Code for big boobs
Wow, Britney looks very smart in that picture.
by Chosney July 10, 2003
something Laurri lacks.
Laurri is NOT smart AT ALL! Avril is smarter then Laurri! TOTALLY!
by Josephine Greene May 10, 2003
Someone girl or boy who is small in certain places.It may seem like a compliment but it's not.
"That girl is soooooo smart"
" Hey look at that guy its'nt he smart?"
by Beka7 June 18, 2008
someone dat is nice lukin
1)he smart
2)dat top smart
3)u dimple dat boi smart
by flip n randal May 21, 2005
Uhhhh, what are smart?

see redneck
Redneck 1: Duhh hiya billy! Wanna see them dancin gals?
Redneck 2: Duhhyie, what are geals??

by U.S.S.R. November 06, 2003
Castro is so fucken smart.
by F.B.I November 11, 2005

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