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slowest mammal alive

when a person is so slow you wonder if they're actually awake
sma! sma! get out of the car already!
by Boffo November 14, 2008
V. Suck My Ass.
The term used by girls when wanting to display extreme displeasement.

Alternate for suck my dick.
Also stands for Sucks Major Ass
Term used when something is very unsatisfactory.
Tommy: Hey can i holla at you?
Jenni:No, SMA.
Tommy:Man that SMA.
by JenniKim October 16, 2011
A really hot chick. Very popular word in the Netherlands.
Wow man, check that sma out. She has the best tits i've seen in years.
by Dick_H July 04, 2005
(SMA) suck my ass -- if your angry, upset, frustrated, and have nothing to say or scream or yell, suck my ass covers it all.
bob screams at joey "go fuck yourself" joey screams at bob "(SMA) suck my ass"
by danone April 07, 2010
Pronounced Smaz Is a shortened version of Saint Mary's School Ascot, not to be confused with Heathfield Saint Mary's, which the girls consider inferior and constantly make jokes about, for example "How long does it take for a cleaner to realise that they could be head of english at Heathfield?", is a boarding school in Berkshire. If a SMAS girl is mistake for a girl for Heathfield the common reply would be "Do I really look like a reject" or "LOL rejects, you wish sket "The school is on selective entry only and is popular with many Spanish, Irish and Italian immigrants as it is a catholic school. The girls are considered the social elite, most girls also have relationships with boys from other public schools such as Harrow or Eton. The girls are also known for not only their academic results but also has one of the best art departments in the country. SMAS also has a large performing arts centre called The Rose Theatre. Subsiquentally the girls have been scouted for films and modeling, Celine Buckens (Warhorse, Emilie), Rosanna (Rosy) Byrne (Lizzie Hutton, Cranford and Miranda Reese, Waking the Dead) and Camilla (Minnie) Brady (Model).

The term SMAS is used to shorten the name of the school, the term Virgin Mega-Store may also be used, making a jokey reference to the Virgin Mary.
There's no stopping those SMAS girls, rebeellllllsssss.
by Marina Brandy April 07, 2011
1) "Suck My Ass"; used to offend someone acting like an asshole
2) Superior Mesoteric Artery
1) Chad: Dude, i heard you got busted on a DUI!
Dave: SMA!!
2) He was just in the hospital. I heard it was a problem with his SMA.
by bizzzzerk February 05, 2009
acronym for Shaking my Ass; used to show your ass
Last night I was wild SMA!
by Shawnee Tiara July 25, 2011
Sex Mad Asian, Pronounced "Shmah" or "Smah" by a non bogger
Generally used to describe a single Asian girl,usually pretty hot, who obviously wants/is trying to get laid.
See also asian fireball
Todd: Jaysus did you see Sarah's hot asian friend? She's gaggin for it?

Rod: Yeah she's some SMA alright.
by Not A Notion October 29, 2009