Getting too excited to type 'same' when you share similarities with another human.
-"OMG.... SMA!"
-"got a bit excited?"
by sma queen December 07, 2014
A place or institution that is in constant chaos and derives its meaning from such.
Iraq and Afganistan, at this point, are so SMA, dude. We should really send more troops. That will take care of the problem and stabilize them.
by Flotson March 22, 2009
sma meaning stalking material actually...used to describe somebody so unique in their ways that they're worthy of being stalked
e.g Michael Jackson is SMA because he is so strange,different and unique

Can also be used to describe this case the 'a' is usually not relevant but still used.
Also in this case you do not usually mean that the object is worthy of stalking but that it is so amazing that it's worthy of the word SMA
''Michael Jackson is a freak''
''No he's not he's SMA''


''That cup of coffee was really nice''
''ya it was SMA
by Kenny Poynter February 04, 2008
Shaking my arms; the really pissed off version of shaking my head (Smh) This version accounts even for the worst of accidents that goes beyond stupid.
My friend Martha set the house on fire that I was literally sma'ing.
by YellowMelon12 December 08, 2011
san marino academy
a hell hole where rich kids learn science, math, english in order to score better in school and sats and aps
I went to sma for class today.
by lilcrazyaznkat May 25, 2006
a retard trying to say smile
say smile "sma"
by brian and adam February 14, 2003

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