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Sex Mad Asian, Pronounced "Shmah" or "Smah" by a non bogger
Generally used to describe a single Asian girl,usually pretty hot, who obviously wants/is trying to get laid.
See also asian fireball
Todd: Jaysus did you see Sarah's hot asian friend? She's gaggin for it?

Rod: Yeah she's some SMA alright.
by Not A Notion October 29, 2009
slowest mammal alive

when a person is so slow you wonder if they're actually awake
sma! sma! get out of the car already!
by Boffo November 14, 2008
Suck My Arse

1.n. This term is often used by sysadmins or helpdesk staff as an expression of exasperation or defiance.
2.interj. Used in flamewars as an equivalent to STFU.
How about you SMA?
Why don't you SMA?
by bendover July 29, 2004
"Same as"
Person a: I proper need a cigarette
Person b: Smas
by LaMEr August 26, 2003
sma meaning stalking material actually...used to describe somebody so unique in their ways that they're worthy of being stalked
e.g Michael Jackson is SMA because he is so strange,different and unique

Can also be used to describe objects...in this case the 'a' is usually not relevant but still used.
Also in this case you do not usually mean that the object is worthy of stalking but that it is so amazing that it's worthy of the word SMA
''Michael Jackson is a freak''
''No he's not he's SMA''


''That cup of coffee was really nice''
''ya it was SMA
by Kenny Poynter February 04, 2008
Shaking my arms; the really pissed off version of shaking my head (Smh) This version accounts even for the worst of accidents that goes beyond stupid.
My friend Martha set the house on fire that I was literally sma'ing.
by YellowMelon12 December 08, 2011
A place or institution that is in constant chaos and derives its meaning from such.
Iraq and Afganistan, at this point, are so SMA, dude. We should really send more troops. That will take care of the problem and stabilize them.
by Flotson March 22, 2009