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Someone who is in a popular rock band. Some of these guys live the craziest life that exists.

They tour around the world to play their music while getting worshipped by their fans. After the concert they fuck a bunch of groupies and leave for the next gig while taking some drugs.

Bands who live like this or have lived like this are: The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, The Who etc...
Man... i wish i was a rock star.
by Dick_H July 10, 2005
A friend, buddy. Very popular word in the Netherlands.
Hey man, you're my swa for life.
by Dick_H July 04, 2005
A really hot chick. Very popular word in the Netherlands.
Wow man, check that sma out. She has the best tits i've seen in years.
by Dick_H July 04, 2005
Weed from the Netherlands. It is the best. Period. There is nothing like it. Because it's legal to grow in the Netherlands, there are loads of extremely powerful species available such as White Widow, Northern Lights, Santa Maria, AK47, Bubblegum... and many of others.

These kinds contain 15-40% more THC (the stuff that gets you high) than any weed grown outside the netherlands. Jamaican weed is acually crappy compared to it.
Whoa man... i just smoked some Netherweed and it totally fucked me up dude...
by Dick_H July 04, 2005
A male who likes to live life. Parties, women, cars etc...
Lets put a racing track here where guys can ride around in their car all day while getting their dick sucked by hot chicks. We'll call that place "Stagg world".
by Dick_H July 10, 2005
A big fat joint. It's a Dutch term but also used outside the Netherlands. Because it sounds so Dutch, it's a pretty popular word among hardcore tokers.
Man, that's one stuffed jonkel you have there. Filled with some crazy ass Netherweed.
by Dick_H July 04, 2005
Someone who sells hard drugs (cocaine, crack, LSD, heroin, XTC) in Amsterdam. They got the name because if people walk past them they say "psssh" which basicly means: "hey do you wanna score some drugs?"
Tourist walks past this guy
Drug dealer: Psssh
Tourist: huh?
Drug dealer: Hey man wanna score some dope?
Tourist: sure!
by Dick_H July 04, 2005
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