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Any of various warm-blooded vertebrate animals of the class Mammalia, including humans, characterized by a set of round soft objects known as breast, tits, jublees, knockers, puppies, bonerizers, boobs or funbags. Not so known for the fact that they are a milk-producing mammary glands for nourishing the young
The female hunman mammal is well documented on any pronograpic website.
by E-learning General March 15, 2006
A really large and very annoying person, who tends to tag along with others.
Jesus, here comes mammal again. The wanker.
by Joyous Day, Caloo Calay October 13, 2010
A warm-blooded that feeds its young milk. All mammals have necks, any "mammal" that doesnt havea neck such as a horse or a whale isnt actually a mammal and deserves to be shot. Or in a whales case, deserves to have a cork shoved in its blow hole.
Jesus, jesus was a mammal so suck that shit reptiles.
by dayobro123 February 08, 2007
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