Act act of having sex with a gil immediatly after someone else does.
I'm not sure, but I think I just had sloppy seconds.
by Big Matt. yep its me January 20, 2003
Sloppy seconds is screwing, shagging, fucking, whatever you like to call it, a woman, straight after the previous guy, or guys, using their cum as the lubricant!
The best I ever had was with a street girl at the end of her evening's work. She rode bareback and told me I was her ninth john that night. Man, her cunt was pure heaven!
Be the last, and ride those sloppy seconds!
by scotsman March 14, 2004
Pussy that's been humped less than 12 hrs before you get it.
I'm always getting sloppy seconds from my wife.
by know the toe September 19, 2003
second guy to bang a chick within a 24 hour period
Joes gonna get my sloppy seconds tonite!
by mooseknuckles October 29, 2002
when you fuck or get with a girl and soon after somebody gets with her he gets your sloppy seconds
guy1: yo i just fucked that girl
guy2:really? you just got my sloppy seconds i fucked her 15 min ago
by a2dat February 17, 2008
when you have sex with a girl that just recently had sex and hasn't had time to clean out their pussy,
Dude i was with this girl at a party, i was about to put it in her pussy but i realized i was getting sloppy seconds!
by Casey Smith November 26, 2007
When you eat the loose sloppy joes that fell on your plate after eating the sandwich.
Those were some great sloppy joes. Time to eat up the sloppy seconds.
by cambronshinn November 17, 2013
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