Preventing your wife from having another man's baby by pulling those panties down and eating out the cum inside her.
My wife woke me up late last night by coming home from a party and squatting over on my face to give me sloppy seconds.
by EatsHerClean October 24, 2007
A boy or a girl who is someone's rebound when their main partner is not satisfying.
Stacey is Jeffery's sloppy seconds, when Cameryn isn't around.
by Sarah M. July 24, 2005
Posterior carnal engagement recruiting orificial auxiliary effluence lubricously.
I don't like surprise sloppy seconds.
by V October 12, 2004
Referring to second base, oral action on the breasts. rather than "feeling her up" it is going to the next step.
He tore off my shirt and before I kinew it he was licking me for sloppy seconds
by Millienom September 05, 2007
getting to someones mom after they have already creamed her
dude, ur mom is nothing but sloppy seconds now
by g-unit!!! January 22, 2006
Sex with someone who'd rather be with someone else, i.e., with someone whose first choice you aren't.
I got her sloppy seconds.
by Sandy September 15, 2003
Sloppy Joe sandwiches left-over from a previous meal.
For breakfast Tim decided to have sloppy seconds.
by cock-knocker January 18, 2003

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