Dooked is an English YouTube series, originally shown on YouTube from 2010 onwards, featuring people performing various dangerous, crude, ridiculous, and self-injuring stunts and pranks.
Dooked the Movie coming January 2010.
by dgenmedia November 26, 2009
the process by which a penis is inserted in someones ass; slang term for anal sex
y was latisha walkin lyke she got dooked up tha butt???

jennifer got dooked up tha butt yesterdae!!!!
by **brownsuga** June 04, 2005
The name of my own comic that's in sorta means shitted...
hello this comic is called dooked
by Lenkiewicz October 18, 2004
Being high on drugs
I was sooo dooked last night man
by Honey1181 April 23, 2009
to fart while have sex
"dude, i dooked while i had sex with my girlfriend, i hope she didnt hear"
by iibbok February 15, 2003

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