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sperm man chowder
need a lil baby gravy for your chest potatos?
by mooseknuckles October 25, 2002
a womans menstral period!
Aunt flo's in town! so I may go get my red wings
by mooseknuckles October 25, 2002
A Vagina
Im gonna go pull the ol skin boat into tuna town!
by mooseknuckles November 11, 2002
My girlfriend!
Take away this ball and chain!
by mooseknuckles November 12, 2002
eat some poon-tang
Jeff eats at the Y
by mooseknuckles November 30, 2002
Steves a mooch!
by mooseknuckles November 13, 2002
Sperm also see baby gravy
carla was hungry so I Fed her some man chowder
by mooseknuckles October 25, 2002
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