36 definitions by lisagirl

at least some bottom articles of clothing remain on one or both sexual participants while they engage in the "motions" of sex (thrusting, etc) without actual penetration
"The dry sex was gay... well it was!" (LOL. can't believe you said this)
by lisagirl April 08, 2003
an abbreviation for cutie
Hey, QT, how you doin'?
by lisagirl April 07, 2003
for a few guys (usually friends) to take turns having sex with a particular girl in one sexual session
"We should totally tag team her."
by lisagirl April 07, 2003
a girl who is stuck-up, snobby, and thinks she's perfect, but actually she's annoying and you wanna slap her
Stop being such a princess and clean your mess!
by lisagirl April 07, 2003
a person (usually female) who sleeps over after a one night stand and walks home in the morning (frequent term on college campuses in dorms and frats)
Did the shacker leave yet?
by lisagirl April 07, 2003
when the male sex organ gets smaller due to cold temperature
Give him a break, it's just shrinkage!
by lisagirl April 07, 2003
1. an affectionate nickname for a girl or boy who you think is absolutely amazing
2. a spin off of "babygirl" or "babyboy"
3. personally known as chase lyday by lisagirl
1. "Hey, babydoll, you lookin' fine"
2. "Sup, babydoll? Wanna dance?"
3. "Hey, babydoll, how many propositions did you get today?"
by lisagirl April 07, 2003

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