The act of having sex twice in a short time span, often with a different partner.
Alice: Last night, after screwing Bob, I had sloppy seconds with Tom.

Mary: I had sloppy seconds with John less than an hour after we finished going at it.
by Origal May 09, 2009
when a girl is fucked in her twat and is cummed in,then she is dooked up her kooch again after that the second person who fucked her has gotten "sloppy seconds"
I got sloppy seconds from the prostitue cus shes such a slut.
by sean d September 27, 2004
having sex with a friend's ex
I can't believe you're gonna takin sloppy seconds!
by lisagirl April 07, 2003
1) Having sex with a female, after someone else had sex with her within an hour before you.
2) Sucking/Kissing a woman's breasts with the intention of getting it on.
1) Steve banged Sarah right after Stew did, but Steve was okay with sloppy seconds.
2) Bill went up Beth's shirt and started sucking on her tits, constituting sloppy second base or sloppy seconds.
by Shawn Asanto Morgan October 01, 2006
Giving her one within hours of her ending a relationship. Especially if she was the partner of one of your friends.
"So, Christian. How was it doing Mark's sloppy seconds?
by KHD August 30, 2003
Eating out a girl right after another guy has just ejaculated inside of her.
Joe finished in side of Jane then I went down on Jane for some Sloppy Seconds.
by BIGONE January 06, 2004
The seif-proclaimed Kings of Junk Rock, hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, blasting out three chord musical hooks more than Grandpa's tacklebox.
The musical group, Sloppy Seconds, is the best punk rock band in the world.
by kelly williams December 06, 2003

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