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Slick is a derogatory term for a pretentious or conceited female, whose self-esteem rests more in their education than in their beauty. As opposed to “bitches,” Most slicks lack real-life experience or what would be called being “street wise.”
She's a slick, dog. Just play her.
by Hellooo, Tom March 26, 2007
The word spoken aloud as you run your index finger across the teeth of an unsuspecting victim
"Slllllllllicckkkkkk" *runs away and shuts mouth to avoid being "slicked" in return
by Punan-er October 20, 2003
an object or operation efficient or streamlined
It's pretty slick that DMV forms are online so you don't have to wait in that huuugge line
by Bungalow Bill October 18, 2001
all around ladies man that combs his hair in front of da lady's is REAL slick
"God Bob, your so slick" (combs hair to side)
by sally jones nugget July 22, 2004
slick A verb meaning to engage in sexual activity with a person of the same or opposite gender: from the futuristic science fiction novel "Anvil of Stars" by author Greg Bear.
"You never really know someone until you've slicked them" - or "slicked with them"
by SpicyMeatball September 14, 2004
to format and reinstall the operating system on a computer
I had to slick my box because of bad superblocks.
by SupraX January 26, 2005
A)a lot
a)"Haha, I have slick scrapes on my arm!"

b)"Dude, he hurt his arm slick!"
by ---- June 04, 2004