Good road conditions.
This road is pretty slick here for a nice Sunday drive.
Slick is a derogatory term for a pretentious or conceited female, whose self-esteem rests more in academic accomplishments than in beauty.
This is not to say that slicks are homely or ugly, although many might be described as being “plain Janes."
Cerebral, mouthy, and judgmental; often holding theorem over substance, most slicks lack real-world experience and are therefore not very “street wise.” Unlike bitches, the majority of slicks are somewhat shy and idealistic, but this is not absolute.

A typical example of a slick would be Meg, from the cartoon Family Guy.
by Hellooo, Tom March 26, 2007
Fine,Cool,Chillen, A state of being
What up son how you doing, nigga im slick
by Malcolm aka Q April 09, 2003
Slick is a pretty cool person, who likes amazing music and is fun fun fun

Will often be found out with his friends drinking an alcoholic beverage or falling in bushes....

All in all, slick is a guy you should get to know!
People may say...
I went out with 'Slick' last night, he told me to shut up over and over.
by VickyShutUp February 26, 2007
used in a mock aggressive or openly hostile way. same use as bucko
joe: im go getting pussy tonight
mike: i dont know about that one slick!!
by kingfrik November 24, 2003
like cool but better and more EMO
used when talking about bands
judas priest are slICK
by emos not cool April 14, 2005
ironic way of saying 'what a fuck-up'
You lost her phone number? Slick.
by marginw September 25, 2003

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