girl matsurbation: when a girl does things to herself alone to satisfy her need.
"last night I was so horny that I had to slick all by myself."
by Heaven2424 February 18, 2012
a slim dick the antithesis of a chode

a long and skinny penis
if a straw were a penis it would be a slick
by Shaolin Boogey May 07, 2010
1. used to smother in the shame by skillful implementing of irony when someone messes up.
Or- You be a sarcastic asshat and dig it in when one of your buddies fucks up.

2. A guy who think's he's cool, but usually isn't, and might be more cool if he didn't try to be.
our buddy's walking down stairs with a pizza, and it slips out of his hands and falls; cheese down; onto the floor.

Your response: "Smooth move, slick!"


"Hey slick! You get rejected AGAIN? Ha"
by JesterMonkey June 01, 2004
Kinda, fucken awesome, alright, good.
I slick wanted to fuck you but then i was like naw, i'll pass.

Teacher: We have no homework today class.

Me: Sliiiiiiiiick!
by XDWIZ March 10, 2014
term used when someone can't make up their mind about a decision; used when having a partial feeling about something
Aaron: Your girl lookin fine today.
Me: She okay,I guess she look slick fine.

Carl: I slick wanna go to the party tonight but it might be lame.
by DeltaPrince March 11, 2009
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