when someone is a sleeper, or sleeping, or asleep, they are unaware of the reality in which we live. they are socially conditioned people who would rather "go with the flow" of life & believe everything the government & media tell them to be true, when actually it is very misleading & persuades the public masses into believing a lie. sleepers tend to not be aware of the state of our planet, & most of the time they are mind controlled to think this current world is a bright, happy & safe place to live in, when in fact it is the complete opposite.
sleepers underestimate the awake people often, because they can't grasp the concept that reality is so much worse than what they want to believe it is.

some sleepers are also corrupt humans who try to get one over on everyone else (like the bosses of these corporate elites running wall street, who think money, a materialistic object, is everything).

the antonym to this would be of course, awake, awakened, or the awoken: people who research & know the truth & see through all of the lies & propaganda that the shadow government tries to throw at people. the awake people see reality for what it really is, & don't take life for granted. they are also not socially conditioned to conform to societies "norm.", they are wise & knowledged people who know the truth about what happened in the past, what is happening presently, & what is to happen in the future, and how the past & present will effect the future.
example 1 -
guy 1 (awake): "i like to read about the rising police state & martial law in america, so that i know what to do & how to protect my family when that time comes."
guy 2 (sleeper): "what's a police state & martial law ?"

example 2 -
guy 1 (sleeper) - "we gotta bomb them god damn iraqis because they flew a plane into the twin towers !"
guy 2 (awake) - "you're an idiot. the u.s. government funded iraq & afghanistan & gave them "weapons of mass destruction" to wage war with america. furthermore, the destruction of the twin towers was actually a demolition project fully funded by the american government. the purpose of the staged attacks was to give the united states government a reason to wage war with iraq. it was also all an agenda to strengthen national security & domestic affairs, & an excuse to start big national security projects & agencies like the t.s.a., & bring into law utterly ridiculous acts like the patriot act which revokes some of the rights of u.s. citizens. these people are trying to descend america into a further police state, & most people are going along with it. why don't you read into the root of it & see the truth for yourself, instead of being ignorant & blinded."
by Tristan the Truthseeker October 26, 2011
Someone who falls asleep fast , usually right after sex .
I brought this fine girl home last night and when I tried to go for round 2 i learned she's a sleeper !
by teehee1415 June 26, 2011
When you bring a girl home for sex and your roommate pretends to be asleep. After you and the chick really get into it, your roommate wakes up and joins in making it a threesome.
My roommate and I pulled a sleeper on this fine chick last night and wore her ass out!
by kevinjay69 July 21, 2010
In car terms, a sleeper is any car that only has performance modifications and no visual mods. AKA "All bite and no bark"

A sleeper is the complete opposite of a ricer.
(Btw, the sleeper here is the 350Z Driver)

Ricer: "LOL, look at that 350Z. It suxxx. Mah Civic is better in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE."
Z Driver: "I see you're challenging me to a race."
Ricer: "Yo, imma show yo the real power of zis Civic. We race. And I shall win. I'm serious."
Z Driver: "Don't even try. I've got more important matters to attend to--"

-a little while later-

Ricer: "Goddamn it! YOU N00B! GET BACK HERE FOOL"
Z Driver: "No u."
(Z Driver drives away doing the "lol internet")
by N00berman October 22, 2011
Antiques or jewelry items that have been stolen and hidden away. Chiefly of British usage, a sleeper is an item of antiquity, generally of known provenance, stolen and cached, sometimes for years, until it can be sold to a private buyer or exchanged.
"A sleeper is an item that has been deliberately hidden, usually because it is hot." Lovejoy, "To Sleep No More," 1987.
by eric_catchpole September 19, 2008
When you know and feel you will have to take a huge and possiblly painful shit later in the day.
"Dude, this sucks man, I've got a sleeper."
by Cascone July 31, 2008
An alcoholic drink consumed for the purposes of assisting in inducing sleep.

The opposite of eye-opener.
"As long as everyone's calling it a night, how about a sleeper?"
"You bet."
by Kroxman October 28, 2007

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