It's a type of shot. equal parts vodka, Nyquil and red bull.
The party sucked so we started doing shots of sleepers. Best party ever!!!!
by absolutelyfabulous May 13, 2013
Referring to a car, it is a car whose cosmetics look like it's stock and slow and one assumes there is a small engine under the hood. Only when it is challenged by a ricer or another car, it shows its mighty by leaving the other car in a cloud of smoke because it has either a huge engine from the factory or has a swapped engine from a bigger car or has tons of engine modifications.

A sleeper is is the perfect example of this acronym "All bite, no bark."
It is a sleeper dude, that is what it meant to do, shock you by its speed and power you never thought it had.
by Sleepers are the S*** July 15, 2011
1. something, especially a low-budget movie, show, or book which achieves or is likely to become a success

2. a sleeping pill or sedative
Ill bet my boots she's a sleeper.
by The Return of Light Joker November 03, 2010
a sleeping pill.

or, sleep aid.
Lindsey got really tired, after Alex handed her some blue pills.
"What the fuck, did you slip me some sleepers?"

"Toss me a sleeper, I'm too depressed to stay awake."
by theoriginallinchenzo July 28, 2009
railway car with sleeping berths and/or bedrooms ("roomettes")
I had a sleeper from Winnipeg to Ottawa.
by Jake March 24, 2004
A girl who is plain and average looking that you would not give a second look at but if you sleep with her, you find out that she has an incredible body and is exceptional in bed at pleasing a man.
Mary Jane is a sleeper. We ended up sleeping with each other after getting drunk and partying at Jed's party. She is awesome in bed and has a hard body.
by WordVancouver November 24, 2013
A creature, in this case a human, who frats so hard he occasionally (always) falls asleep in whatever frat pose/location he finds himself in.
"Hey check out the sleeper"

"Oh, standard.... Lets take pictures of shit on him, like beer cans, asses, and sorority girls and put them online"
by Mr. Fletcher June 05, 2013

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