Bowling term for a pin which is directly behind or in front of another pin.

Also a wrestling hold to make your opponent pass out.
Shut up or I will put you in the sleeper hold.
by maybenot September 05, 2003
A radical, who hides his or her beliefs in order to prevent suspicion from any authority figure; an extreme liberal who pretends to be a conservative, usually for gaining money to fund a revolution.
James Cole believed a schizophrenic person was going to release the virus; it turned out a sleeper did the job.
by Vash Westland August 24, 2003
(n) Woman who invites herself into your bed, when morning comes does not leave, does not acknowledge subtle hints to leave, makes herself at home. (Editors Note; Sleepers natural evolutionary path is into Bunny Boilers; when one is encountered it is advisable to cease and desist any and all communication while still possible before life and family jewels are still entact)
"Dirk, where are you? Your late, your going to miss the game"
"Sorry, I am having trouble getting this 'Sleeper' out of my house"
by Dirk Longfellow June 13, 2006
a wwf style choke hold used by huge drunk rednecks to entertain fellow 30 year old inbreds
dude i just fucking beat that bitch down with the effin' sleeper she was acting like a mega clit rag....
by Walker Texas Ranger December 11, 2005
To start having sex with somebody while they're asleep.
Mike was laying down on the ottoman so i gave him a sleeper
by Phillip MaCrevice November 29, 2003
it when a person sleeps alot or when a sleeps on a double sleeper
fred is a akways so he sleeper

mary sleeps on a double sleeper
by never mind February 15, 2005
a person who has too much sleep. dont mess cuz they r too cranky and will beat u up with a stick, machine gun, sword, machetie, or a cat. loves atackin with the cat.
"my bro is such a sleeper. he hit me in the head with a cat."
by H3R0 B01 May 11, 2006

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