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Good generic term for your husband, wife or partner, especially when you don't want to mention a specific name in your blog or novel (or you can't remember.)
My spousal unit is really annoying today.
by PsychoPuppyDad January 05, 2008
Disappeared, presumed permanently missing. Dedicated to anyone in the Tri-State area who ends up offending someone and ends up sunk in the Hudson River.
I haven't seen Vito lately, I think he moved to the Hudson.
by PsychoPuppyDad July 15, 2009
The paper money you receive when you dump a load of change at the hotel desk or currency exchange.
"I just got a twenty-pound note in unchange for all my coins."
by PsychoPuppyDad April 23, 2009
A standard unit of time lasting anywhere from thirty seconds to an hour and a half, based on the female in question and the task at hand.
He: "Are you ready to go? The ballgame starts in twenty minutes!"

She: "Two minutes!"

<ten minutes of makeup application later>

He: "I'm leaving. Now."
She: "Two minutes!"
by PsychoPuppyDad May 18, 2010
Anyone who farts and manages to have all of his companions blame it on someone next to him. Bonus points if the person who gets the blame is some innocent stranger.
Wow! That guy standing by us in 7-Eleven really blew a nasty fart. It smelled so bad my teeth hurt." "Actually, that was me. I'm a fartriloquist.
by PsychoPuppyDad March 19, 2011
The number of people assigned to a project that can be hit by a bus without impacting the project's completion. This number should be as high as possible.
For the slasher game project, the bus number is three, but there are only ten people on the project.
by PsychoPuppyDad November 18, 2008
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