a terrifying movie featuring kevin bacon as the worlds scariest detention center guard
kid: What do you want?

kevin bacon: A blowjob. down on your knees.

if you want to not sleep at night, watch sleepers
by clevelandsteamer October 02, 2005
The last little bit of your weed, Usually the last bong hit you take right before you go to sleep at night.
"Dude, I can't sell you any bud right now. All I have left is a sleeper."
by Biff Ripster May 03, 2009
n. - A self-gratification method in which you sit on your hand for five mintues (until it falls asleep), and then rub one out. It feels like someone else is jerking you off.
She wouldn't give me any last night, so I just went home and did a sleeper.
by itsgr82day2 May 05, 2006
Usually used when describing a movie, especially one that seems boring, mundane, or overdone--but it ends up becoming a huge hit. From what I understand, the original "Dirty Dancing" was a sleeper hit.
Listen to the end-of-the-year movie reviews. Chances are that someone will mention "the sleeper hit of the year."
by Candice February 27, 2004
(n) {Aust., N.Z.,} small hooped earrings of any alloy, the kind that snaps together to form a complete ring.
I bought a pair of new gold sleepers today.
by SatyrD August 14, 2005
The term 'sleepers' is simply another word for 'pajamas'. Personally I think sleepers is a funnier phrase therefore I use it constantly.
My sleepers had a hole in them and you could see my butt.
by thekevin February 22, 2005
A girl who is usually unattractive and after a few years "grows in" to herself and seems attractive.
Remember Jamie? That girl who we used to bark at in Middle School? I never thought she would be a sleeper.
by LOLBOI April 24, 2007

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