To throw onto the ground fiercely or aggressively
He wanted to slam the other wrestler to the mat.
by troyboy39 December 02, 2007
to have sex or to bone
hey let's slam


lose your pants
by bTeezy October 25, 2006
1. to inbibe alcohol in a very quick and almost violent manner.

2. anything taken in a similar manner
1. after he slammed those five shots of 151, he started vomiting in an equally violent manner.

2. 'my heartburn was so bad, all i wanted to do was get home and slam a couple tums.'
by Anti February 01, 2005
to engage in sex in a very hard fashion. Similiar to pound. To slam means to fuck someone with little attention to actual romance.
Damn, I'm going to slam that chick so hard!
by Ploexate March 05, 2011
1. to eat something ridiculously fast, to be specific, to eat a cheeseburger very, very quickly.

2. to eat an item of food extremely quickly and with as little bites possible
1. bro, did you see lamar? he was gonna slam that burger!

2. bro, i just slammed the greasiest cheeseburger from mcdonald's in like, 3 seconds.
by Mr.Fancullo31 November 08, 2009
A particular form of fraud in which an unscrupulous phone company switches you from your chosen long distance carrier to them, without your consent or knowledge.
Get your PIC frozen, or some company with high LD rates can slam you.
by Downstrike July 15, 2005
Its basically the same as "kicks ass" or "slays" or "kills"
Kenny G slams man!
Kicks ass
by Nergal July 07, 2005

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