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to mainline or inject drugs. you can snort, smoke, or slam.
I got the crytal, you bring the rigs, and let's slam; I'm ready to party tonight.
by redleft123 February 28, 2004
A term that is usually shouted loudly to indicate pride or something that is awesome. Can also be used to get attention from others for important news.
"SLAM! I just got an A on that final!" exclaimed Jason.

"SLAM!" said Jason. "What's goin' on?!" replies Ryan.
by TurtleLoverFoSho July 11, 2010
n. 1. a female who has been around the block a few times; a slut, whore etc.
2. one who is easily obtainable by the opposite sex for sexual contact.
Jenn is such a slam-I heard she sucked off three different guys last night!
by groupieassni$$a January 01, 2006
A: "she said she liked me and asked me to the movies"
B: "do it for slams"
by SpagUrNan November 28, 2009
A hyperbolic reference to a minor insult used to promote mediocre huffingtonpost news articles.
John Stewart slams George W. Bush.

Rachel Maddow slams the GOP.
by bigredsuperjock January 15, 2012
The term used when injecting speed (crystal methamphetamine), via syringe, into your blood.
Looking to slam. Come on over, we're already slammed. We're slamming now, get over here. We slammed and were up all night partying last week-end.
by Waikikisunset April 06, 2011
To throw onto the ground fiercely or aggressively
He wanted to slam the other wrestler to the mat.
by troyboy39 December 02, 2007