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To fall while skateboarding.
"I tried to ollie up to the bench but my back foot slipped and I slammed."
by Andrew July 02, 2004
28 13
to mainline or inject drugs. you can snort, smoke, or slam.
I got the crytal, you bring the rigs, and let's slam; I'm ready to party tonight.
by redleft123 February 28, 2004
55 42
A term that is usually shouted loudly to indicate pride or something that is awesome. Can also be used to get attention from others for important news.
"SLAM! I just got an A on that final!" exclaimed Jason.

"SLAM!" said Jason. "What's goin' on?!" replies Ryan.
by TurtleLoverFoSho July 11, 2010
56 48
n. 1. a female who has been around the block a few times; a slut, whore etc.
2. one who is easily obtainable by the opposite sex for sexual contact.
Jenn is such a slam-I heard she sucked off three different guys last night!
by groupieassni$$a January 01, 2006
26 20
A: "she said she liked me and asked me to the movies"
B: "do it for slams"
by SpagUrNan November 28, 2009
12 7
A hyperbolic reference to a minor insult used to promote mediocre huffingtonpost news articles.
John Stewart slams George W. Bush.

Rachel Maddow slams the GOP.
by bigredsuperjock January 15, 2012
8 4
Sexy Like A Motherfucka
That bitch over their is S.L.A.M.
by Atxslim June 20, 2007
6 3