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another word for a slut or girl that puts out easily, however a skeezie can not be ugly they have to be at least a 7 in a 1-10 scale
hey " jack"

"jack" yeah

see that chick she is a skeezie for sure

"jack" sweet
by joeasema November 12, 2009
25 9
another fun way to say skeeze.
tell them to stfu, damn skeezies
by xbeaut August 09, 2005
10 14
your best friend, not just a hallway, or class friend, but the person your with 24/7.
My skeezie was being hella cool when i wanted to stay at the party to talk to this dead cute guy.
by m legs June 02, 2008
10 18
1.some one being really annoying or making you mad.
"eww. you're such a skeezie."
by NikkiDuh June 20, 2006
4 17
a beer, normally in a can
"Yo Dave, last night a drank way too many skeezies"
by MikedeNYC March 19, 2006
4 18