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To hold the blunt for much longer than necessary. After being caught babysitting, babysitters almost always take an additional hit before passing.
1: How much do they pay you to babysit that blunt?
2: 7.50 an hour.
by Hof August 28, 2005
Refers to the logical thinking patterns that all mothers seem to share.

Please note that mom logic actually refers to a lack of logic.
After I was caught smoking a cigarette, my mom cut the power to my bedroom. Total mom logic.
by Hof September 09, 2006
The act of slapping, and then firmly grabbing a girl's butt. Could possibly be used humorously with other objects.

Term coined by K-Tuck.
I'd like to give Ms. Anna a nice slap-grab.
by Hof July 24, 2006
One of many things people (usually high-schoolers) call themselves in order to fit in with others sharing the same "interests". Emo, punk, goth, chav, townie, gangsta, jocks, preps, all of these (and more) are words used to describe people who dress and act like others hoping to fit in.

See conformist.
Ryan had no friends because all he did was cry and moan about how bad his life was. Then Ryan turned on MTV and realized if he wore makeup and dark clothes he would fit in with a bunch of pussies who call themselves 'emo'.
by Hof August 18, 2005
To shit, usually profusely. Often used in situations where other well-known terms for defecating would be out-of-place. See slammer.
Hold up, I've gotta slam real quick.

After winning the fight, K-Tuck slammed on his opponent's face.
by Hof April 20, 2006
Short for Nintendo 64. See also N64.
Hook your 64 up, let's play some Goldeneye.
by Hof April 20, 2006

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