working class, mostly shaved heads, wear steeltoes, braces(suspenders dumbass), tight jeans, overcoats. go out for a pint whenever opporotunity presents itself. neo-nazis are bound to get the shit kicked out of themselves by true/traditional skinheads. S.H.A.R.P.s are rad neo-nazi beaters. nothing wrong with skinheads unless they are neo-nazis or GASH. fuck racists.
skinhead jake:"'ey! want to go fetch a pint?"

skinhead tyler:"right after I clean the nazi blood offa me steeltoes!"
by D.A.R.F. April 14, 2006
A group of whiney delinquents who strive for attention that they say ignorant things and make other people think they are tough, in actuality they are just a bunch of pussies.
The skinhead fell off his bike and scrpaed his knee, so he started to cry.
by Chief Rottingham May 27, 2003
Skins are a direct result to non white gangs that plague California and other states of the union alike. REAL skins, do NOT do drugs or smoke. Some of the hardest white boys around, google hate crimes and you will see how real shit can get. Non whites do not like skins because they stand up to them and kick thier asses.
Talk shit get hit is a motto by us skin heads.
by RAGE DAWG January 02, 2009
A pornographic film featuring, among others, a talented young actress named Lara Monti.
Johny the Rabbit watched Skin Heads 45 times today, despite the fact that doing that would take over 67 hours. Cosmic.
by The guy who is really smart March 27, 2003
A group of white trash folk who try and intimidate most minorities, but when confronted by a group larger than they, run and hide like the pathetic dictator they get their fucked up ideas from
The illiterate skin heads were confused when told they could not marry their cousins
by boof head February 11, 2004
A person with a shaved head, shined boots, and sticks up for there beliefs. There are mainly two types of skins that ive seen. SHARP and Neonazi (also tradition and gay ones but i havent seen any like that). Neonazi skins are the real things while sharp "skins" are wannabe skins without accepting the ideology. Skins also work hand in hand with the Klan. We are not brainwashed herds like most of you.
Johnny: I cant stand to see the white race slowly die out! I wanna defend my race and honor! What could i do?

Skinhead: We work unlike those commie freeloaders and we believe that america should remain white.

by realdealskinhead1488 October 05, 2009
skinhead was indeed a working class youth movement, born from hard mod and influenced by jamaican music which was born, and as far as many are concerned, died, in the late Sixties. As in every subculture, its adherents fetishised the sameness of their "difference", underlined this attitude by wearing a strict uniform, detailed exhaustively in other posts, and by adopting a very limited lifestyle and mindset- commonly xenophobic and espousing violence in the absence of an ability to THINK AND ACT INDIVIDUALLY OR WITH INTELLIGENCE. The very particular set of social circumstances which led to the birth of skinhead, or mod, or any of those retro boys' clubs, are gone now, but dense, insecure, defensive, uneducated spoiled lazy kids with chips on their shoulders who claim to be "working class" do love to dress up and look scary, don't they? Drinking massive quantities of lager goes a long way to drowning the niggling fear that they're all just try-hard wannabe losers who would sooner punch someone's teeth in than reason things out, and drunkenness gives them a great excuse to do this. Combing one's hair is just too much like hard work and requires too much imagination, so they shave it all off. Though the whole hyper-macho scene is blatantly homoerotic, skinheads tend to attract sad fat girls, it's true, with no self-esteem who secretly want to rescue them. Good luck, ladies.
Skinheads are cranky and defensive all the time because deep down, they realise that they are worthless and that nobody likes them. (We all go through that stage, but normal people grow up). They tend to blame blacks, gays, jews, tories...well, anyone else but themselves for this state of affairs. Their friendships and associations are based on beer, mutual assent to brutality and a "skinhead code", and, thusly, do not qualify as true friendships at all. No wonder they're crabby, chauvinist twats.
That skinhead killed his mum's Maltese Terrier because she refused to iron his braces for him.
by The Hideous Damsel January 02, 2006
A person with a shaved or cropped head, wearing a Flight Jacket, Fred Perry or Lonsdale shirt, cammo's or bleachers and 14 or more hole combat boots. Typical for a skinhead gang are the strong ties of friendship between the members. Many have a preference for aggro (agressive behaviour), also amongst themselves. Only a few are racist. In Europe "gay" skinheads outnumber the "straight" ones. Skinhead history is less important for a skin himself than for the ones writing about them.
I'm gay, any problem with that? ( Thought so!
by tripleskin August 08, 2005

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