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One who is of white decent, that wants to show pride in what they are. Usually sporting short cropped hair, blue jeans and heavy black boots.
That is one bad ass skinhead!
by Mason...skin pride! December 04, 2003
51 149
The Boldest Scheem In Glesga
Ehoose Young Skinheads #1
by Croney January 13, 2004
42 141
Douchebags who complain to bands on how they don't play the music they like at shows.
Skinhead 1: Play something good!
by lawlz June 19, 2006
39 141
Skinhead: one with shaven or close cropped hair. Often possessed of racial opinions, but not necessarily racist ( there's a difference between opinion and hatred you know.) most commonly found listening to punk, such as skrewdriver, or dropkickmurphys however also to be found listening to ska, reggae or two tone. Guaranteed to stand up for their beliefs and not back down, resorting to violence whenever necessary ( unless they're a pacifist wuss, when they really just deserve to be stomped upon).
d00d, that skinhead just beat the complete shit out of these little jews, it was so fucking FUNNNYYYY!!!

woah dude, chill, just because i'm a jew doesnt mean.. ARGH ARGH OW OW WOW UGH! *crack* 'woops, didn't mean to break the jews skull... oh well'
by Bane April 06, 2004
53 155
An individual who has grown disillusioned with the socially-enforced racial status quo of today which is utterly detrimental to the White race, and thus chooses to fight it opposed to remaining inactive and complacent.
by Ubermensch February 03, 2003
32 143
Suburban kids who grow up, get cars, and start going to real shows. Pretend to be working class. Also shave their heads. Usually, they're assholes.
Ex1."Guy1: Did you see those skinhead guys pushing that kid around?
Guy2: Yeah. They're pretty big dickheads.
Guy1: I thought that being "working class" might constitute some kind of brotherly love.
Guy2: Nah, they need to get out their frat-house frustrations."

Ex2. And while I'm behind the safety of the internet: SKINHEADS OF ALL TYPES CAN SUCK MY DICK. Fuck you.
by Stanley Stockton August 06, 2005
43 156
One with a shaved head, tight jeans, boots, and who cannot fight on his own. They usually go around in large groups beating up younger kids or people in smaller numbers.
The word skinhead is almost an oxy-moron. When you see one, there are usually ten more standing behind you.
by J January 23, 2004
40 171