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stamp=ok/ thats koo/thats str8/thats a bet! in dc slang
usually used when excited about finding out something
**almost the same as bet**
oh ok so he is going to give you the money?!? STAMP!
by Lola aka Sneakerpimpcess bka T August 05, 2005
To confirm an idea or plan aggressively, loudly, and/or abruptly. Such as to stamp a document for approval.
Dude 1: "I'm goin to a party tonight. Do you want to come?"
Dude 2: "STAMP!!"
by BIG D 4011 December 15, 2010
The label, or brand, of a glassine bag of heron. The joke is cut & bagged at a high level in bags made by folding wax paper into neat squares, and usually taping these shut. In the Northeast, and particular NJ, Bronx & Manhattan where the trade is centralized & huge mills turn out millions of stamps, each mill will use a unique design and brand name. Sometimes the art, word play and irony are museum worthy, if not pc.
A bundle is 10 stamps. But I don't fuck with the diesel, I lost people to that shit. I stay blue.
by 139NLNX March 03, 2012
something that is ink and can be stamped on letters or can be in a roll placed on envelops
Tyler stamped the red Mickey Mouse on Lindsay's skin, and Andrew did the blue cat, and that were the stamps on Lindsay's skin
by xxFUCK YOUxx April 12, 2008
Sex toys are my passion :)
In my name on myspace, I just had to put S.T.A.M.P. by it :)
by Sam I am <3 November 15, 2009
The marks left on a man's forehead from another man's wet cockhead.
After James finished performing oral sex on Jason, Jason gave James several stamps.
by Websters66 February 06, 2007

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