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A FAGBASHER is a homophobe who enjoys beating up homosexuals.Though probably harbours gender bending tendencies himself.
That FAGBASHER will be dodging spam javelins for the next 2 years now he's been done for kicking in that homo.
by hoedown November 17, 2004
Someone who for some reason likes being bald and makes a virtue of being violent.Rather than better himself the skinhead chooses to cling to his identity with the gutter and effects a macho identity but is secretly gay.He enjoys the homo erotic activity of leaping around clutching closely to his male skin buddies to raucous noise accompanied by moronic hate filled ranting.
He doesn't realise that his fascist politics actually protect the ruling class that oppress him and his people.
"Hey I'm not violent I'm just a SKINHEAD,I just like to kick people in and stamp on there heads cos really I want to fuck them but I can't cos my dicks to small."
by hoedown November 16, 2004

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