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Maladjusted white youth and young men who display aggressiveness to all those who do not fit into their racist and deluded ideals. The phenotype of this subclass is a closely cropped or shaven palate. Some sport goatees. Tattoos may also be present. Employment typically correlates with construction and labor-intensive work. They are usually uneducated, unintelligent and unable to function effectively in society. Hence, their aggressiveness stems from an underlying sometimes subconscious resentment of their own genetic and environmental impediments. Skinheads resent white collar workers because skinheads have limited and easily exhaustible capacities for abstract thought. They view immigrants as a threat to their livelihood and their frequently precarious economic condition. Often anarchistic opportunists, they will exploit chaos to employ violence. They initiate provocation as a means of intimidation of civilized people. Intimidation will most likely be applied to marginalized people, indicating a history of bullying and the underlying moral weakness of their character. Most are mentally challenged, and seek to be led like the sheep they are by older skinheads who preach and enforce a racist white power blue collar ideology. Favorite mode of transport is a pickup truck, the larger the better. The skinheads are a bane on society and worthy of complete and total evisceration, but because the underlying pathology that creates such people is irreducible, only containment and remedial action to limit the damage they wreak is possible. Sadly, there will always exist latent pools of this group in western countries. On a positive note, unreformable and criminal skinheads are usually found in abundance in penal institutions, demonstrating the effectiveness of law enforcement in isolating this scourge.
the skinhead got out of his truck in a fit of self-initiated road rage. Armed with a bat, he proceeded to bash the young man's vehicle.
by jackjoebean May 08, 2008

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