a movement that started in 1969 in london, when hard mods start to shve their heads, then whn the punk was dead in 1977 the oi! was born, it was the first time skinheads had their own music. skinhead are apolitical in their roots, but some skinheads actually have political inclinations, such as anarchy, communism, socialism...But there are also some people who say they are skinheads and beleive in nazism, they are called boneheads
a man with a ben sherman, a pair of dr martens, a levis jeans, and suspenders, can be recognized as an skinhead
by santiago matiz July 09, 2006
An often misunderstood group, even by those who claim to be one themselves. Ignorant neo-nazi's ruined their name; are often subject to unjust critcism from unaware public.Can be gay black etc. Beleifs often displayed by their shoelace color. Characterized by shaved heads, boots, black clothing and mostly listen to oi punk rock.
Bill-"What happen to that skinhead kid"

Happy D-"'bunch a whitey haten brothers
jumped his ass, thought he was
an ass-hole neo nazi."
Bill-"that shits ignorant"

Happy D-"yea, but their heart was in the right place, fuck neo-nazi racist bastards"
by Jizack February 22, 2005
A movement started in Britain in the 60s when the mod scene met the hippy scene. The mod scene split, and the "hard mods", the ones who hated hippies, got harder. With a little influence from Jamacian rudeboys, the skinhead was born out of the hard mod. Most of the music was held over from the mod days, but there were ska and reggae imported from the rude boys.

In the 70s, many punk-rockers became Skinhead, Skrewdriver among them, and brought Oi! and RAC into the scene.

Skinheads represent the working class, and fight with honor.

There are 4 main types of Skinheads:

Traditional Skinheads (Rejects all politics and labels)

Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice (SHARP) Anti-racist Skinheads

White Power/National Socialist(Neo-Nazi) Racist Skinheads

Red Anarchistic Skinheads (RASH)
Communist Skinheads

There's also GASH (Gay Aryan Skinheads), but they're just a joke.

The general "uniform" of the Skinheads are flight jackets, Fred Perry's/polo shirts/dress shirts, Levi 501s/tight jeans, steelcap combat boots (Doc Martens, Gripfasts, and others), and either shaved head or close-cut hair. Sideburns are common.

Generally, skinheads reject hard drugs, although drinking and smoking are common.

Skinheads love to go out drinking with the boys, get rowdy, and kick a few skulls in.

Skinheads work for a honest, working-class living with their own sweat and blood.

Oi, Oi, Oi!
I'm a skinhead, and if you got a problem with that, I'll kick your teeth in.
by oioioibootboy May 30, 2004
Down Under/ Southern Hemisphere VERSION!

In the southern hempisphere, mainly Australia and NewZealand, skin heads are most commonly die hard Ford or Holden fans. They are aggressive in nature, hang out in pubs with 'hard' men that know how to drink, usally are found wearing tattered jeans and singlets and all drive early model Fords or Holdens because they are very cheap rusting cars with large and loud engines. Not all skin heads have to be bald to qualify, a very very short haircut will still qualify as long as it's aggressive. If a skin head starts driving a modern Ford or Holden (agressively), and/or grows a full head of hair, he looses his skin head classification and migrates to any of the following definitions; 'Hoon', 'idiot', 'prick', 'theif' and more.

This is a rare occurance though, as skin heads aren't made of money and would not usually be able to afford a modern Ford or Holden, in which case if you did see a skin head driving a modern Ford or Holden, it is most likely stolen, and you may hear sirens and/or flashing lights following closely behind.

Skin heads are also commonly found tailgating others to the point of contact regardless of whether the driver in front is doing the speed limit or more.

They are a bit of a scummy breed here in the southern hemisphere, but they help fund the government through speeding tickets.

*The little green man for 'walk' appears and traffic lights change to green for go, followed by wheels screeching and white smoke flaring out the back of what appears to be a rusty shacky looking, maroon red 1980's holden v8*

"Agh... bloody skin heads..."

*Driving along through a 70kph speed zone at about 76 kph and theres a rusty old looking, green holden hatchback sitting on your rear bumper,, if you brake he will jack-knife. The driver appears to be a 38-42 year old angry looking male, bald, wearing a 'nelmac' or 'sollys' singlet and angrily staring you down through your rear vision mirror (as if you weren't going fast enough), just bursting at the seams for a chance to overtake you at three times the nescessary speed. As soon as the road straightens out of course the skin head explodes past, engine roaring*

"Bloody arrogant skin head! He's gonna cause an accident."
by Just your average kiwi bloke. January 05, 2010
A skinhead originally meant a person (chiefly in the United Kingdom) who was of a working-class or urban background who listened to rock, reggae, and other forms of such music. Skinheads were not of one ethnicity, but many. In fact, there were many Black British skinheads. Most skinheads were not racist. This also spread to other parts of the globe.

Then, around the 1970s and 80s, white supremacists and Nazis began to shave their heads. This began in the UK, where movements such as the British Movement and National Party began gaining popularity. This eventually spread to other countries. This completely changed "skinhead". Now, skinhead is often associated with white power movements.

Today, some of the "original" skinheads often try to distinguish themselves from racists. In fact, some have created groups to fight against racism. One notable group is Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice (SHARP). Both types of skinheads may often fight with each other due to opposing rallies by "original" skinheads.
Mark considers himself a skinhead. He listens to 60s reggae and other such music. He is not in any way racist.
by Mr. John Cheese the Awesome July 01, 2012
A skinhead is a person who holds punk and working class values to heart, and chooses to fight for that right. It began with an offshoot from the rude boy movement, but morphed into a few denominations: Trojan Skins, White Power/Blood and Honour Skins, Anarchist Commie Skins and a few others. Skins have a worldwide reputation for being racist (not always true) and violent(an important, defining aspect), but they're generally ok people if you don't cross them. unless your coloured and you meet a Nazi skin, then your fucked.

Skinhead drees included:

JACKETS: Bomber/flight, donkey jackets
TOPS: Ben Sherman shirts/polo shirts, tight and/or sleeveless t-shirts, possibly with Nazi/B+H or Trojan prints
JEANS: Levi/Wrangler straitlegs, rolled up to show off boots
BOOTS: Docs mostly, laces determine denomination (see www.wikipedia.com), but sometimes work boots or monkey boots. usually steel-capped to aid violence and protect feet. illustrate the working-class ethics of skins.
BRACES: 3/4 inch length, any more is seen to be faking being a skin. again, colours denote denominations.
HAIR: short obviously, between a number 1 and a number 4, but usually a 2 or 3. sometimes kickboxers moheichans are seen (short sides, slightly longer middle), but not often.

skins wear what they wear because its all ideal for fighting and living in shit. ive got a lot of skin friends and they all live in shit flats or squats. skins are categorically working class.

you shouldn't cross the local skins. they will eat you up and spit you out. and the cops will never find your body. if your a proper punk you'll be fine, but watch out if your a little chav/rudie cos they will hurt you.

all in all, dont hate skins cos they're violent and eletist. even the racist ones have good reasons for what they do.
the film Romper Stomper or American History X or related skinhead films
Bands like Skrewdriver
9 times out of 10 there is a skin gang in your town: probably White Power.
"skinhead, skinhead, looking for a fight!"
"skinhead, skinhead, beat you for delight!"
by Trent October 07, 2005
A member of any race who shaves their head bald to signify unity (usually among the lower class). Most are not racist, and mainly target law enforcement. Most people think of white supremacists hanging black men from trees when they hear "skinhead", but that's a contradiction to it's real meaning (just like the "swastika" - symbol of peace in many different cultures).

by UrbanWarIsComing November 17, 2012
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