sketch is a social group that is like punk but more weird they dye there hari crazy colors and get many piercings they wear clothes that will usually get people to look at them and think wtf are they gnna rob the store but they like scaring people and making people feal sketched out what separates them from punks is the way the are they don't goto party's or hangout with anyone much they usualy hang out in graveyards and always have storys about times they've gotten hurt never start a fight with a sketch cause they always are ready for a fight and they always have a knife or blade on them all they do for fun is cause chaos and fight
hey you see that guy hes a fuckin sketch
by thesketch666 April 03, 2011
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(1)A person or situation that seems a little off, could possibly lead to trouble. (2) Just being said to piss someone off by calling them a sketch and having everyone else do the same until they flip the fuck out.
(1) Whoa dude this deal is kinda sketch maan.

(2) Kevin: Hey Chris why you being sketch?

Charles: Ya you fucking sketch

Tim, Lance, Eric, and Rick: SKETCH!!!


Kevin: (Whispers) ya ok sketch
by 330ch16 November 18, 2009
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A: Refers to somthing where chances are it is unlikely to succeed.

B:Can Also refer to pilfering somthing in a manner which is sure to attract attention.

A: "That is so sketch, you'll never make that jump."

B: "Let's Sketch a car" = Break into a car by smashing a window to steal stuff, for example
by Golan Thanatos November 07, 2006
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A way of replacing cool.
Something that it very awesome.
Thats so Sketch!
Thats pretty sketchy.
by Mallory December 20, 2004
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Noun, person in authority or power such as a teacher, parent or cop. Primarily used in Ireland by kids for any person in authority, to be avoided in order to avoid being busted.

Sometimes sketchers.

No plural, always remains in the singular. Similar usage to 'The Man'(in society) always being used in the singular, even if it refers to multiple people.
We were right in the middle of the prank when John said Sketch was coming, so we just stopped and ran off.

We were smoking some hash at the back of the school when Mike yelled sketch, so we stamped out the, joint and skedadelled.

In some cases the word sketch itself is enough to tell people to stop what theyre doing and even run away if necessary.
by Stephen F September 26, 2007
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1. Wilson*, Mo*, Rebecca*

2. People who stalk others on facebook.

*all fictional names, they are not actually real people.

KEVIN'S FACEBOOK STATUS: "Kevin is struggling"
OUR COMMENT: "With what?... Maybe we can help."

"Dude, why are you sketching on my profile?!"

"Wow that is soo sketch"

*This is only an example, not a real situation.
by REBILMO! April 12, 2009
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A person, usually going by the name Dave Langstaff, who produces extraordinarily large quantities of sketchdom and sketcholiticalities throughout his surroundings.
"It was just me, Sol, Rob and Sketch."
"Who's Sketch?"
by deemer December 04, 2006
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